Running south-west from the intersection of The Esplanade and Harbour View Road on the harbour side of The Esplanade is a grassed area that is well used by picnickers and families looking for safe swiming areas adjacent to carparking. Between Harbour View Road and the Boat Club - Wharf - Ferry terminal area is mostly car parking and overflow boat trailer parking but there are a couple of picnic tables in this area.

Going south west there are some more picnic tables and and area where small sailing dinghies and catamarans can easily be launched across the grass and sand. A couple of hours either side of high water is best for this.

Further on, past the end of the cul-de-sac is one of only three harbour water ski access lanes accessible from the mainland. Again, this is tidal.

Also at this end of The Esplanade is the start of the walkway/cycleway to Tauranga, via Cooney Reserve Lynley Park, Tamihana Reserve and on to Plummers Point.
Many years ago, the path from The Esplanade to Beach Grove was the main road access to Omokoroa Beach.